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Human Resource

What type of talents for business development we need?

  1. pro-active, risk-taking and confident
  2. endure sufferings and hardships, and pressure-resistant
  3. fast response to changes
  4. social contacts
  5. know how to and enjoy dealing with people
  6. acute judgment and capability to grasp opportunity

What type of talents for customer service we need?

  1. love to deal with people
  2. happy
  3. care other people
  4. fast response to changes
  5. considerate, good execution and stick to principle
  6. familiar with the industry, and willing to engage in the work for long-term

What type of talents for operation we need?

  1. consecutive and logical
  2. execution and stick to principle
  3. fast response to changes
  4. able to undertake higher workload and pressure

What type of management trainee we need?

  1. proactive, keep striving, fast learning
  2. confident, risk taking and stick to principle
  3. higher comprehensive quality and knowledge structure
  4. fast response to changes
  5. love the industry, endure sufferings and hardships
  6. getting along with people with enthusiasm and gender
  7. team working and execution
  8.  consecutive and logical

We have an annual recruitment ofof management trainees. Once on board, will be trained and cultivated under coaching system.

The coach takes charge of the training program of management trainee, by rotation, elites of different departments will be the coach for their on-job training on each business sectors.

The final position will be fixed up basing on their personal aspiration and company needs.

At present, 90% of management trainees have become backbones of the department, some of them has grown to be core staff of business division and the company.

Our developing target for management trainees are: To be branch managers in 3 years To be business division or department manager in 5 years.

HR Policy

No matter how the company’s business structure develops and changes, the core role is always talents. In the past 19 years, China has adhered to the principle of “the five seas and the four seas”, and in line with our common values, “diligently and diligently”, and in the past 19 years, has adhered to such beliefs and values.

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