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HR Policy

In reviewing the past 20 years of Globallink, we have successfully implement the enterprise spirit“make things possible”. The growth of Globalink in 20 years is inextricably linked with our ambitious target. In the early days we have set the target“Globalink serves global forever”. “Taking root in China & operating globally”is our enterprise development strategy and road map.

No matter how the business structure changes, the core role is always the talents. Globalink has always adhere to the hiring principle “people of the world”and keep faith and our common values “ diligent works with honesty & dedication, in pursuit of perfection with inspiration & innovation”in the past 20 years.

“Recruit soldiers for commander” is the basic hiring idea of the company. The growth of the enterprise depends on the growth of the team. Each tier of the organization should recruit “soldiers” with “commander’s potential “ and train “soldiers”to be “commander”in order to  deliver ongoing talents team to the enterprise as well as provide individual enough room for growth and promotion.

“Who trains the talents will win the world”is the company’s faith. Recruit potential talents in the company and society, provide on-the-job and external training opportunities, promote the development of the enterprise through the organizational growth. “positive energy, quick learning, ego drive” are the basic general requirements for qualified talents.

“Race horse” is main and “find horse”is subsidiary. The company believes that human society progress stems from natural selection. The company encourages internal talents competition and optimizes resources allocation to great talents in order to comply with the competitive environment.

“Win by hiring masters” is the company’s recruit requirement for managers. The managers should be skilled at using people who are better than themselves in in some aspects and blending a team of people each has it’s strong points. A successful team work depends on complementary advantages. The managers of each department and subsidiary are the first responsible person for human resources. Managing a team successfully in order to ever growing and developing the organization is the requirement for each manager.

“Be prepared for danger in times of safety” and “Turning crisis into opportunities”. The company requires that each position should have back up plan and AB role at any time.  Though “everyone is important” during the development of the company, “the world would not stop retorting without anyone’s missing”. The company advocate and encourage “collective heroism”. We hope that each employee will grow together with the company in the long-term and will do our best to decrease employee turnover. However, we understand that resignation is inevitable and require to find a better successor to guarantee the improvement of  the organization.

Life is a marathon, we emphasize “appreciation and tolerance”, appreciate the advantages of the company and colleagues and tolerate the shortages. We advocate everyone to inspire others’ kindness, be understanding, empathy and do unto others as you would be done.

Thank you for choosing Globalink and be together with us to create the future,practice the enterprise ideal, fulfil historical mission and share value creation! In the ages of change, opportunities are always more than difficulties. “Pursuing the life, wise see opportunities while fools see difficulties ”,the future is in your hands!