Corporate social responsibility is defined in the following statement – in the process of pursuit commercial targets, as a social citizen, corporate is obliged to advocate and perform main stream concepts of social values and ethical ideal, and to undertake social responsibilities when creating values for society. Social responsibilities include responsibilities for staff, society and environment, as well as compliance with business ethics, safe production, occupation health, workers’ legal rights protection and saving resources etc.

The character of Benevolent is as sublime, stable and peaceful as a mountain. Ethics is the first priority of business and in pursuit of profits and benefits is not natural instinct. Only if we give up small and short-termed benefits but pursuing larger and long-termed one, there is possibility to achieve social harmony and to create sustainable social environment. Therefore, corporate shall take social responsibilities into account in daily decision and operation, shall consider affects brought to society and environment, and shall treat everyone around you with sincerity and kindness. When it comes to the timing contributing to society, the corporate shall devote its love and make the world better without hesitation.

Through past years, Globelink China has been devoted itself in the development of environment protection and recycling resources to contribute and to protect environment. With emphasis on self business ethics, Globelink China is deeply concerned with the education of Chinese children. Through its long-termed cooperation with universities, we provide training and practice for students, donate Hope Project and sponsor kids in poverty. In face of various disasters in the world, Globelink China never stays away but endeavors to fullfill what a social citizen is responsible for. In year 2008, Globelink China contributed to world peace by assisting the transportation of UN Peacekeeping Force materials to Sudan.

What Globelink China does in return for society and country is far from enough. Globelink China is bound to put continuous endeavor for the purpose of country prosperity and harmony, and wish to drive other corporate and communities to make our countries much better, more harmony and more peaceful.