Group Profile

Group ProfileEstablished in 1998, Globelink China Logistics has formed a professional and large-scale innovative development model, integrating logistics supply chain management, insurance and financial services, logistics industry investment, and so on. Based on more than 30 subsidiaries at home and abroad, we have built a global supply chain service network.

In the field of international logistics, we have a global logistics network covering more than 180 countries and regions, acting as the general freight forwarder for 6 internationally renowned airlines, and providing international shipping agency services for the world's top 20 shipping companies. Globelink China Logistics has great experience in container freight station management, providing strong support for customers’ operation and profit.

With a keen perspective, Globelink China Logistics arranges the cross-border e-commerce supply chain in Latin America. Through strategic cooperation with postal services in Brazil, Chile, and other countries, we provide high-quality solutions for Chinese enterprises to explore the new blue ocean e-commerce market.

With the mode of corner overtaking, Globelink China Logistics has achieved a breakthrough in online insurance services in the shipping field. Through insurance solutions, we have established a coinsurance that connected the government, merchants, consumers, and insurance institutions with a one-stop platform, so that the industry can move forward with fewer risks and more guarantees.

We actively expand business boundaries and have established mineral processing and trading systems in Africa. In the process of high-quality development, we will advance into blockchain application, intelligent manufacturing, second-hand cars and equipment export, trade and logistics industrial park, and other fields.

Like a set of precisely locked gears, all the layout and propulsion convey a steady flow of kinetic energy for transmission and operation.

We provide a variety of products to meet customized needs.

Globelink China Logistics helps you seamlessly link global trading partners!