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The Transcripts of National Major Ports in August 2022

2022-09-30 18:13 3751 0

As shown in the data issued by the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, the total throughput of domestic ports in August was 25.73 million TEU, a decline of 2.39% compared to July and a slowdown of 3.83% compared to the same period last year, due to the pressure of external demand. From January to August, the cumulative volume was 194.4 million Teu, an increase of 4.14% compared to the same period last year. There were also differences in the performance of major ports, such as Tianjin, Ningbo Zhoushan and Qingdao ports, which grew by 11.54%, 9.70% and 8.82% compared to the same period last year, while ports like Shanghai and Shenzhen saw different degrees of decline.

According to the press conference of the Ministry of Transport, China is making efforts to improve the port service guarantee capacity. China has thoroughly implemented the "Outline for the Construction of a Strong Transportation Country" and the "Outline for the Planning of a National Comprehensive Three-Dimensional Transportation Network", with emphasis on the construction of large specialized terminals for coal, crude oil, iron ore, containers and liquefied natural gas, continuing to improve the modernization, massification and specialization of coastal terminals, accelerating the scale and intensification of inland river port areas and optimizing the layout of the transportation service network. At present, China's port production is safe and reliable, in order and stable operation, and the main indicators are moving towards better performance in a steady state.