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Fighting COVID | Provide Free International Aid Transportation Solutions and Free Freight Insurance

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Since 2020, the epidemic had quietly spread from Wuhan to the whole country. The vast number of medical workers had been at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic at the risk of their own lives, building a wall of steel, and composing a moving anthem of life. At the same time, more and more enterprises were engaged in this battle, together to support the country to build the strongest anti-epidemic defense line.


Over the years, Globelink has been devoting itself to public welfare and contributing to the social development of the nation. Only by giving up small profits to uphold righteousness, can we create a harmonious coexistence and a sustainable social environment for business ethics.


In January 2020, Globelink China Logistics immediately joined the fight against the epidemic. Aware of the shortage of medical supplies around the country during the Spring Festival, we immediately set up an "Anti-COVID Working Group", and all the managers gave up their holidays and went all out to take action. We fully mobilized the resources of the group's branches and agents, looking for medical suppliers all over the world. In addition to the global procurement of medical supplies, Globelink cooperated with professional platforms to actively donate funds and supplies through social channels to support the fight against COVID-19.


Due to the shortage of logistics resources during the Spring Festival, with more than 20 years of logistics supply chain experience and the overseas network as a strong backing, Globelink coordinates global resources to provide free solutions for relief supplies.


1. Priority access to land, sea, air and customs clearance for relief supplies [UNI LOGISTICS]

As one of the members of Globelink China Logistics, UNI Logistics has set up more than 20 branches at home and abroad, covering major railway hubs and international air and sea ports. We have comprehensive logistics channels such as land, sea and air transport, multi-modal transportation and cross-border e-packet. Provide perfect and efficient green access for first aid materials the first time.

Contact: becky   Email: beckyl@china-logistics.com


2. International aviation green corridor for relief supplies [DRAGON LOGISTICS]

Dragon Logistics, a subsidiary of Globelink China Logistics, specializes in providing international airlines with GSSA services in China and Asia. Provide international air express service from Europe, America and Africa for relief supplies.

Contact: Mr chi  Email:shamng@dragon-logistics.com


3. Free cargo transportation insurance for relief supplies [NAVIGATOR INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKERS]

Navigator International Insurance Brokers, one of the largest insurance brokers in the logistics industry, has the advantage of global network resources and branches in major cities around the nation and maintains good cooperative relations with well-known insurance companies. Provide free global cargo transportation insurance for relief supplies.

Contact: Mr zhen  E-mail agm01@china-navigator.com>;


During the epidemic, we stand ready to provide high-quality relief support. Our subsidiaries and the service network around the world fully respond to the call, in order to demonstrate our responsibility with our actions.


Stay strong and we will get through this, together.